Valentines Date Night

What do you like to do for Valentines Day? I thought about doing a Pre-Valentines Date Night, and surprise him a little this year and maybe avoiding the overcrowded restaurants that usually are overpriced with fixed menus. Do you prefer to go out on Valentines Day or stay in? Wouldn’t it be lovely to do something special a few nights before? A lovely night out all glamoured up? Maybe some nice place in Malibu or South of LA close to the beach? I am continuously impressed with the selection from Ralph Lauren I fell deeply in love with this red dress that is fitted like a glove. Love the red color. It might a little too much too wear out but why not be a little glamorous this time of the year? Anyone should feel and look glamorous and can be done with very little effort, and it doesn’t have to have a big price tag – bring on the glitz and glamour.¬†Oh la la right?!!! Happy Valentines Month …Love….



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