Are you off to a great start with your fitness routine + daily protein shakes?


Ladies, are you up to a great start with your fitness routine? I am having a good start, although it has been hard with my outdoor training with all the much needed rain we have gotten in Los Angeles. The sun is back, and I am back out running every day. It is beautiful outside with everything blooming and we actually have gotten green grass in Los Angeles. It is still a little cold in the morning which truly wakes me up. But best of it all, I have so much more energy when I do my outdoor workouts.

I have started this year to drink a protein shake daily with at least 20 gram of protein incl. adding spinach or kale and a few of my favorite fruits to make tastier. I go to WholeFoods a lot to get my protein shake since they have my favorite protein from Amazing Grass.

If you haven’t got started yet this year, but you are thinking about it, get started right away, even if it’s just 10 min each day, it will get you started and motivated to do more. GO’ GO’ GO’ – summer is here in no time, and we all know the feeling when our summer clothes are too tight. 🙂


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