Summer ’16: All The Necessities You’ll Need For Your Next Escape!


Whether you’re going to be in the south of Italy, in the Hamptons, or just having a vacation at home this summer, there are some things you’ll need!

Why not glam it up a bit? “When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” – Lao Tzu

When you travel, there are so many things we think about. We put together a list of must haves for this summer, along with fun tips that can be of serious matter if forgotten.

No escape would be complete without a mini dress for walks on the beach, city streets, or wherever your getaway may be taking you! This cute off-the-shoulder neckline, which we can’t get enough of! Pick yours up at Forever 21.


Hands-free traveling is at its best with a cute eco friendly vegan cork travel backpack! Not only will you find taking selfies is at least 93% easier (not real statistics), but it’ll definitely even the load when you’re picking up all those souvenirs! Score this one from Wanelo for under $50.

You wouldn’t want to leave the house without sunscreen. Keeping Coral safe all natural biodegradable SPF 30 Sunscreen, reef safe and water resistant in your bag will make it easy for whenever you need to reapply. Hint hint, that’s every two hours.

It doesn’t matter where you’re planning on getting away or staying home, a swimsuit is kind of a must! So whether you’d prefer to show off in a two-piece or a trendy one-piece both from Wahb Beach Couture you’ll be well prepared. Our favorites! Be bold, be fabulous, be free and above all be kind. When navy meets gold, it’s a love affair! The biggest prison that we live in is the fear of what other people think. 


Get your sexy cats eye shape with these le chick sunglasses from Le Debutante with maximum UV protection.LSP1502117_2

Ripped jeans are an easy choice to pack because you can pretend when it’s too hot that at least your legs are getting some air… right?? With an of shoulder top and pair  Okay, so even if there’s no chance of a breeze, you may be facing chilly summer nights wherever you’re headed. So stay cool yay!

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Let your shoulders do the flirting in this sexy top. I found this classy sexy white off shoulder top at Express. Doesn’t it just scream “French Riviera”?? So, if you’re either in Cannes… or just pretending to be… pack this chic little one for your next getaway! Pair this with your favorite denim for an easy office day to happy hour.


Prepare to live in these denim shorts! Not only are they affordable and comfortable, but they can easily be dressed up or down! And you know what that means? You’ll be able to get away with rocking them more than once on your getaway!

If you are headed to an Italian vacation like one of your favorite celebs, enjoy Lulu’s wave break gold patent flip flops. They are taking over this season. They are soft, made with patent vegan leather adds gloss to these chic thong sandals. Reinforced toe thong. White sawtooth sole.

Tory Burch Absolu makes for a sweet summer scent, one you don’t want to forget to pack with you! The new fragrance from Tory Burch intensifies the classic elements of modern and sophisticated. Masculine and feminine. Fresh tuberose, pink pepper and pure rose – grounded in earthy vetiver and sandalwood.


Never travel without having a calling card in a pocket of your carry-on and in your checked luggage, in case your outer baggage tag is torn off and the airline tries to reunite you with your lost luggage. Also, handing someone a business card before making a complaint or a request puts you one leg up in the negotiation game. It makes you look smart, professional, like someone who knows what’s what.


Always include diarrhea medicine! Imagine being in a far and distant land, one in which you don’t habla the patois and the locals don’t understand a word you’re saying. Hey, that sounds like grand adventure, right? That is, until your stomach clenches and your intestines start to tingle. Ask your physician to recommend the right medicine for you or do as I do go to WebMD. If you bring your own medicine with you in your carry-on, you won’t have to use tragically embarrassing gestures to tell a non-English-speaking Croatian assistant pharmacist what you’re searching for, as I once unfortunately had to do.laughter-best-medicine-unless-diarrhea-wititudes

Toothpaste, I always forget to pack toothpaste. This might sound like a no-brainer, but after exhaustive research among my friends I’ve concluded that toothpaste is the single most forgotten item to pack. And most hotel amenity baskets don’t have toothpaste, for some reason. Exotic hand lotion that you’ll never use and with a name you can’t pronounce. Tiny little soap bars that look like some sort of Turkish candy, yep. But no toothpaste. I go to the dentist twice a year, and he always gives me a little plastic bag with a new toothbrush, some dental floss, and a small tube of toothpaste—just the right size to meet TSA requirements for liquids and gels.


I travel from US to Europe all the time, and I always forget my adapter until I am out of power. And you don’t wanna waste time inspecting the million adapters they have at the airport, which usually are overpriced too. My solution, the compact universal, all in one travel power adapter plug, a single compact unit with a USB adapter, that you can use almost anywhere in the world, and its under $15.


Make a photocopy of your passport. Biggest advice when you travel overseas is to never lose your passport. I tried it once, and trust me your world will be turned upside down; it will be the end of any vacation fun you hoped for, and you will feel like throwing up for the next 18 hours. The solution: Don’t lose your passport! However, if you ever lose your passport, you will vastly improve your chances of getting a quick replacement from the local U.S. embassy or consulate if you have a color photocopy of the first two pages—the ones with your personal details and photo—and another piece of government-issued ID, like a state driver’s license. One more thing to remember: Don’t lose your passport!!

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