Daily “Healthy” Coffee

Looking at our organisms around us like flowers, plants and trees they all have a great system to take nourishment and nutrients from the soil into which they grow and getting rid of the waste they no longer need.

And when the soil is lacking in nutrition, then the plants and flowers lack. It’s the same with us humans.

We can equate that plant sitting in dirt out of which it’s long ago sucked the last available mineral with a morning latte, made with non-organic coffee, vanilla syrup (sugar or sugar-free), and milk.

Now, we all need to wake up. I love my a.m. cup of coffee like it’s one of my children, so I am not telling you not to have your caffeine.

But lets take a closer look. And even if you dont drink coffee, translate this concept into those empty substances you may consume in other areas:

Vanilla Latte Breakdown: Tastes delicious. But what are you really drinking? Take a look:

  • Sugar- Lots of it A few pumps of that coffee shop syrup has as much sugar as a Snickers candy bar. Sugar is by far one of the biggest inflammatories. It causes bloating, weight gain, fatigue (after the coffee wears off), and is known to be a foundational marker of bad diseases. Or…
  • Sugar Substitute Unless its made of something natural, artificial sweeteners are now shown to be one of the contributing factors to neurological and other diseases. Fruit, agave, is healthier.
  • Milk The right fats can be good for you. But hormones and antibiotics abound in conventional milk, as well as pesticides from grains fed to the cows. Also-milk, even when its organic, is thought to be one of the top inflammatories, and is said to cause all the same responses as sugar.
  • Conventional Coffee Beans Sprayed with cancer-causing pesticides, they are then ground up, and you drink it.

Doesn’t sound so delicious now right?!

Yet we often grab things to put into our precious bodies on the go that seem to be fueling us, but in reality are sabotaging all our hard work we do in other areas, and restraining our healing, fitness and energy processes.

Im not asking you to give up your lattes, muffins, energy bars (many of which are not organic and have far too much sugar), conventional produce, and lots of other things. I am, however, inviting you to switch them out for their healthier, more life-force available counterparts.

I long ago transformed my morning coffee in the following ways:

I always buy organic coffee that I brew in my french press in the morning and it takes the same time to make an instant coffee but just taste better. But if you don’t have a french press use instant coffee but stay organic. Now I don’t have pesticides in my coffee.

I use an organic almond milk or soy vanilla creamer. It still has a low amount of sugar in it, but its raw cane sugar instead of corn syrup or simple sugar. I have cut my sugar intake to 3 grams a day instead of 30.

Maybe I will add real agave syrup if I want it sweeter, which I usually don’t. But it could help you if you are used to a lot of sugar in your coffee. And then slowly cut it in half every other day. Cutting out most sugars has made everything taste naturally better. Now I find sugary stuff too intense even candy, I never crave candy anymore like I used to and I prefer fresh fruit instead.

I put in a heaping teaspoon of virgin organic coconut oil. The fats help moderate the caffeine, and are spectacular for your brain, skin, and organs.

Cinnamon is anti-inflammatory. A dash of it, and I’m good to go.

Heres how I make mine:

Clean Coffee Recipe:

14 oz hot boiled water (a large coffee mug)
1 heaping teaspoon organic instant coffee or make coffee in a french press follow the guidelines how strong you want your coffee either from the coffee brand/barista (I usually do 2-3 tablespoon of organic coffee for 36-42 oz of hot water).
1 heaping teaspoon virgin organic coconut oil
Up to 3 Tablespoon almond, soy or coconut creamer of choice, low & natural sugar–or none.
Dash Cinnamon powder.

Stir it all together until blended, and enjoy the healing cup of coffee that also wakes you up!

Apply this idea to anything in your diet that you feel you can upgrade by making a few simple changes.



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