6 things I do every morning before everybody awakes!

  1. Sending my love a good morning text if he is not with me! Or usually I am replying to his 😉
  2. I grab my alkaline water, heat it up and add fresh slices of one whole lemon
  3. Cook more water for my coffee….with added soy creamer and agave (I know I can’t live without it!!!)
  4. I do my quick and dirty butt workout ritual that gets my pulse going and only takes a minute or two usually a segment of 10 squats, 5 lunges and 10 burpees – next day 20/10/20 – third day 30/15/30 one day rest, continue 3 days, one day rest etc. That makes me feel amazing every single morning.
  5. I always eat breakfast, along with my chocolate vegan protein shake from Amazing Grass and catching up on news incl. my inspiration and motivation stuff  – usually a 30 min read to get me going from one of my inspirations.
  6. 5-10 min exfoliating dry scrub depending on the time, even if its just a quick minute of your whole body – then off to shower!!



I kiss and hug my boys awake, and when they are not with me – I send them a virtual kiss…




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